a side benefit to an estate planning inventory no clutter

When working on your estate planning, it is a wonderful reason to inventory your personal property. Creating this document puts you in touch with what you own, and really notice everything you have in your closets, storage areas and even dresser drawers. Often, throughout a lifetime, we continue to purchase items without the thought of getting rid of old ones. This is how we end up with 6 cameras, for example. We buy new and forget to discard old, even when they don’t work or have been replaced by newer and better. This collection of “stuff” goes unnoticed because they become part of the interior landscape, so to speak.
Creating an inventory will help you really look at your belongings and determine what you need to keep and what you might want to give away (or throw away). Documenting an inventory is not just to focus on the value of items, but also to focus on the number of items.
Here are a few things to consider. Do you still own:

clothes you haven’t worn in years (that you ‘might’ get into again some day)?
shoes that are out of style?
books that you won’t read again - or never read?
pots and pans and bake ware that you no longer use?
stacks and stacks of plastic ware that are just taking up cupboard space?
jewelry you no longer wear?
electronics that don’t work but you think you might get them repaired?
CDs you don’t listen to (don’t even like that music any more)
nick knacks that are just collecting dust (and you really don’t like them anyway)?